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Bundle deal for Vestfold when the home installation is booked online.


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This booking service should be used in conjunction with your Semelektro area “Home Installation” readiness SMS.

Once our Semelektro team has tested & verified the fibre network in your area, we can begin to install the fibre at your home. This notification of readiness is issued to all our Canal Digitial customers via an SMS with a link to this page, so you only need to select when it is most convenient for you to have high-speed internet.

Survey Consultation is a new service to our customers intended to make installation day as seamless and time as efficient as possible. A Semelektro Installation technician will arrive at your home and together with you plan the best way to get fibre in and through your home.

Click on “Survey Consultation” and “Continue” to book this service.

Fibre Installation. Simply book the date and time which suits you best to have your fibre install in your home.

Click on “Fiber Installation” and “Continue”.


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